What is recommended to use portable video endoscope

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What is the recommended use of portable video endoscopes? Portable video endoscopes can reach brightness of 1000cd/m² or more, and some of them even have built-in capabilities. What's more, the true portable video endoscope has stable luminance output over time and can be DICOM 3.14 compliant. In medical imaging, the same monitor needs to display consistent medical images over time; as the location changes, different monitors also need to present consistent image quality.

Portable video endoscopes come with built-in stabilization systems, and some have front-mounted sensors. In this way, consistent image brightness and clarity are guaranteed not only over the life of a single monitor, but on every monitor connected to the corporate network. In this way, colleagues in different locations can also see the same image, which greatly facilitates accurate remote collaboration.

As the number and complexity of patient examinations continues to increase, the need for radiologists to improve their productivity is becoming more urgent. Therefore, portable video endoscopes are usually custom designed to simplify reading and improve efficiency.

For medical diagnosis, sometimes the bigger the screen, the better. The large display allows the radiologist to view the entire image on a single screen without panning or zooming. Many portable video endoscopes have the ability to scale the image to fit the screen size, which also improves reading efficiency. The money spent on display devices is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and there are also service, support, and infrastructure costs to consider. Given the differences in regional compliance, stringent technical requirements and detailed reporting needs, managing monitors across a hospital is no easy task.

In the past year, around health, which is the well-being of people's livelihood, the effect of deepening medical reform has been continuously demonstrated.

Among the many "dividends" of medical reform, Leon Medical said that the price reduction of medicines was particularly eye-catching in 2018. In order to allow the masses to use high-quality and cheap medicines, overcome difficulties, break through the obstacles of the system and mechanism, smash the "hard bones" of drug prices, and squeeze out the "inflated" water of drugs, multiple links and multiple channels ensure that the masses feel the obvious drug prices. decline.

"What the people are related to, what the government is going for." In 2018, my country attached great importance to and made every effort to solve the problem that the common people could use and afford the urgently needed good medicines and new medicines, and the common people's sense of obtaining medicines continued to improve.

Not only the reform of medical devices such as medical DR, but also with the reform of the drug review and approval system, the listing of new drugs overseas, independent research and development of new drugs and generic drugs has greatly shortened the domestic market time, and improved the accessibility and availability of "good drugs" for patients. Affordability. The price reduction should be a two-pronged approach. It should encourage good foreign products to enter the domestic market as soon as possible. At the same time, for pharmaceutical companies, the price of medicines should be made more frank, so that more people can afford medicines from the beginning. At the same time but also independent product development and listing. Only by having more choices can it be possible to make drug price cuts more predictable, and also enable pharmaceutical companies to better serve patients.

portable video endoscope https://www.hengal-tech.com/Universal-mainboard-or-customize-5-screen-pshow/22.html