Features of 1920*1080 pixels camera module!

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Since the 1970s in my country, the 1920*1080 pixels camera module has been used as an important instrument for non-destructive testing, mainly used in civil aviation aircraft maintenance. Later, in the mid-1980s, endoscopes were also used in NDT work in many industries such as machinery manufacturing, petrochemical, electric power, and pressure vessels. At this stage, the 1920*1080 pixels camera module detection has the basic characteristics of NDT. , the features of the 1920*1080 pixels camera module also include:

1. The probe has an omnidirectional 360-degree guidance function. Compared with the square guide, the axial rotation operation of repeatedly inserting the probe is avoided, the tediousness of the inspection work is reduced, and the work efficiency is improved.

2. Portability, ruggedness and high performance in one. Simple to operate, light and portable, it can meet the high requirements of inspection work in various industrial applications.

3. The imaging image of the industrial video endoscope is clear and the color is vivid. Due to the use of the latest transistor CCD camera and high-brightness LED light source technology, it can generate high-resolution, wide viewing angle, bright and clear images, and accurately reproduce the real condition of the detected object.

4. The brightness of the light source can be automatically and intelligently adjusted. When the inspected object is a metal material, it can avoid affecting the inspection work and inspection effect due to reflection.

The advantages of the 1920*1080 pixels camera module are not limited to the above, and will not be listed here. In a word, 1920*1080 pixels camera module, as an indispensable and important member of non-destructive testing, has been widely used due to its basic advantages and its own characteristics of "non-destructive testing without disassembling the equipment structure and without stopping the operation of the equipment". In the inspection tasks of places that cannot be directly observed by the human eye, it has become one of the indispensable inspection tools in aviation, ships, electric power, pipelines and other industries, and has become an important technical means to lead the domestic non-destructive testing market.

1920*1080 pixels camera module https://www.hengal-tech.com/p-1920-1080-pixels/25.html