Booster-EX2 Weldy plastic extrusion welder how to set current increments for electrode wear

Booster-EX2 Weldy plastic extrusion welder


After using the intermediate frequency Booster-EX2 Weldy plastic extrusion welder or the variable frequency Booster-EX2 Weldy plastic extrusion welder for a period of time, the welding current density is often reduced due to electrode wear. We can set the current increment parameter on the controller. There are steps in it. Growth and polyline growth in two ways. You can choose which method to use according to the actual situation, and each method can set up to 10 step increments.

The current increases in steps:

1. Number of solder joints on platform N: the number of solder joints on each platform.

2. Platform N step increment rate: the increment of each platform relative to the base value current; the current of platform 1 is the base value current, and the other platform currents = (1 + platform N step increment rate) * base value current.

The current polyline grows:

3. Current increment: the total current increment relative to the current setting value during the current increment process, the value range is 0-999.9%.

4. Step-by-step current increment: the percentage of current in each step-by-step relative to the total current increment (current increment). For example, the current increment of step 1 is 1.%I, and the termination current value of step 1 is (1+current increment*1.%I)*welding current setting value.

5. Step-by-step notification point: the first N-th point when the step-by-step process is nearing the end notifies the user that the step-by-step process is about to end.

6. Termination of step increase: When continuing, the alarm will be given after the step increase, but the welding will not be terminated; when it is stopped, the alarm will stop welding after the step increase has ended.

7. Electrode warning point: When the last grinding process is about to end, an advance warning is given at the Nth point before the end, that is, the electrode warning point, and its value range is 0-99.

8. Grinding times: the user can set the total grinding times of the electrode according to the actual situation.

Booster-EX2 Weldy plastic extrusion welder