Tool Master Chests & Roller Cabinets 7-Drawer Custom M1RM7B FIXMAN

FIXMAN M1RM7B Custom 7-Drawer Tool Master Chests & Roller Cabinets

Product: 7-Drawer Roller Cabinet

Quality: Original, Professional, Core Manufacturing

Item No.: M1RM7B


Product Details of Roller Cabinet 7-Drawer Repair


Tool Master Chests Roller Cabinets 7-Drawer Custom M1RM7B FIXMAN

From FIXMAN, this heavy duty wheeled roller cabinet 7-drawer repair is a robust and versatile solution for mobile tool storage. With seven drawers, including two deep-set base drawers, there's plenty of storage space to organize a combination of tools and accessories. The drawers are also fully extending, for quick and convenient access, and feature individual smart locks to prevent accidental opening.

The lockable roller cabinet pro garage repair is constructed from durable sheet steel, with an electrostatic powder coating for a scratch-proof matt finish. It also features heavy-duty oil proof wheels, ensuring a tough unit ideal for challenging environments.

It also features a recessed worktop area with a high-quality mat, which is perfect for use as a temporary work surface, ensuring that loose parts and fixings don't roll onto the workshop floor. There are even side compartments ideal for holding spray cans and paper towel rolls.

You can depend on this robust mobile tool roller cabinet auto repair. With an ergonomic handle, two fixed and two swivel wheels, ease of mobility is assured, and the storage options outmatch almost any conventional tool box or tool chest.


Features and Benefits of Roller Cabinet 7-Drawer Repair


• 7 drawer mobile tool cabinet
• Each drawer can take 4 EVA foam tool modules for a tailored tool layout
• Central locking mechanism for added security
• Smart Lock on every draw keeps drawers closed avoiding accidental opening
• Low friction ball bearing slides for a smooth and durable mechanism
• Full extension drawers
• Heavy duty oil proof wheels
• Recessed worktop
• Side compartments for additional storage


Applications of Roller Cabinet 7-Drawer Repair


Ideal for a busy workshop or for the ultimate in garage customization, this roller cabinet auto repair can be used anywhere where a wide selection of tools and accessories need to be stored and transported easily. They are advantageous over portable tools bags and tool boxes in that they can store far more in a more organized manner. They also have advantages over fixed tool cabinets in that they can be moved directly to where the work is happening, saving time and effort. These mobile tool cabinets are ideal for:
• Garage mechanics
• Workshops
• Maintenance workers


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